Systema Breathing & Conditioning Seminar

Systema Breathing & Conditioning Seminar

Saturday May 20

Learn the key principles and techniques of Systema breathing and conditioning for relaxation and power.

You will learn how to use breathing to reduce tension in the body and mind, improve physical and mental performance, and manage emotions such as fear and anxiety.

The seminar will also cover the importance of relaxation and flow in movement, and how to combine breathing with physical movement for greater power and efficiency.

 Topics Covered:

Systema breathing and conditioning principles
Deep breathing techniques for reducing tension and stress
Combining breathing with movement for greater power and efficiency
Importance of relaxation and flow in movement
Using Systema breathing to manage emotions such as fear and anxiety
Taking impact without injury
Recover from physical activity and reduce the effects of stress and tension

 Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in learning how to use Systema breathing and conditioning to improve their physical and mental well-being
Martial artists, athletes, and performers who want to enhance their performance and reduce tension and stress
Individuals looking for tools to manage emotions such as fear and anxiety


The seminar will be led by a certified Systema instructor and will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice.
Participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement.


Participants will leave the seminar with a greater understanding of Systema breathing and conditioning principles and techniques, and will be able to apply these techniques to their daily life for improved physical and mental well-being.

Time & Cost:

Saturday 20 May 10:00 - 14:30 hour - Cost € 55,- members & € 65,- non-members
Combat & Heath Academy Amsterdam, Veldbiesstraat 6a Amsterdam Noord


More Information about the seminars   

Our head instructor Patrick van het Nederend will teach all the seminars. He is a very experienced instructor and has a lot of knowledge about physical and psychological conditioning for self defense, well-being and healing. He has a great skill to give you and your body the work it needs.  

Any questions send me an email or whatsapp 


 This is as close as it gets to the Systema Headquarters in Toronto,

if you are in Europe and want to train high level Systema, but don't have the resources to travel overseas. The training is excellent, honest, and it breathes the spirit of the teachings of the masters Ryabko and Vasiliev throughout every class.

Thanks to head coach Patrick Van Het Nederend and all training partners for a wonderful time!

- Philipp Holtmann (Head Instructor Systema Berlin)

I wanted to send my appreciation and thanks to Patrick who kicked it all off in Amsterdam. He and his group put in the hard work and were able to develop some impressive results in such a short period of time. There are scant few places left in the Systema world where the spirit of HQ resides, and I am happy to say that this school remains one of them.

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor Systema Seattle)

Had an incredible experience at systema Amsterdam. Patrick is a first class instructor knowledgeable skilled and has real way of explaining principles. The club is welcoming and gives a supportive and safe group to develop your skills and progress.

First class all round! Ian

Ian Felix (Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Systema student England)

Patrick and Vivian,

A little appreciation for your creative and innovative approach to Systema during the pandemic.

You practice what you preach.

Focussing on where you are free, instead of where you are not. This way Systema is not only a way to fight, but also a philosophy and answer to live. A perfect antidote to the harsh reality of 2020.

You have showed us with your inspiring teachings that Systema Amsterdam doesn’t just end at the Veldbiesstraat 6, but honors a tradition and a way of live that reaches the hearts and minds of all the members in Systema Amsterdam community and beyond.

The lessons are continuously improving and are of a very high (international) quality.  Vladimir and Michael must be proud to see that Systema Amsterdam is a true patron to their martial art philosophy.

We are honored to be part of this inspirational school of health and combat and are looking forward to getting our asses kicked in the virtual or real world in 2021.

- The terrible trio (Students of Systema Amsterdam)

Regelmatig organiseren wij nationale- en internationale seminars op het gebied van Systema Martial Art & Healing met de beste instructeurs die de wereld rijk is. Hierbij een aantal voorbeelden:  

Mikhail Ryabko (Systema Moscow HQ) 2017 - Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Toronto HQ) 2013, 2024 -  Alexander Andreychenkov (Systema Moscow HQ) 2016 - Kwan Lee (Systema USA) 2015, 2017, 2019, 2023 - Adam & Brendon Zettler (Systema Toronto HQ) 2018, 2020 - Martin Wheeler (Wheeler Systema LA) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023 - Arend Dubbelboer (Systema Meppel - Emmen) 2015 - Koen Vandersteen (Systema Belgium) 2016 - Matt Hill (Matt Hill Systema England) 2014 - Josafath Herrera (Systema Mexico) 2014, 2017 - Ulick Burk (Movement Expert Japan) 2018.